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  • Integrated report 2013

    Integrated report 2013 add | open
    Surface retreatment add | open
    Our introduction
    Chairman’s letter to shareholders add | open
    Scope and boundary add | open
    FY2013 performance highlights add | open
    Our business
    Organisational overview add | open
    Business model add | open
    stakeholder engagement and relationships add | open
    Reserves and resources add | open
    Our opportunities and risks
    Understanding our risks add | open
    key opportunities and risks add | open
    Our strategy
    CEO’s report to shareholders add | open
    Strategy and resource allocation add | open
    Our performance
    Five-year review add | open
    CFO’s review add | open
    Future outlook add | open
    Our governance
    Board and executive add | open
    Governance report add | open
    Remuneration report add | open
    Our information
    Shareholder information add | open
    Shareholder diary add | open
    Conversion table add | open
    Glossary add | open
    Administration and contact details add | open
  • Annual financial statements 2013

    Annual financial statements 2013 add | open
    Surface reTreatment add | open
    Directors’ report add | open
    Directors’ responsibility statement add | open
    Company secretary’s statement add | open
    Report of the audit committee add | open
    Independent auditors’ report add | open
    Financial statements add | open
    Shareholder information add | open
    Administration and contact details add | open
  • Notice to shareholders

    Notice to shareholders add | open